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Yesterday’s Google Search Announcement Was Not About A Core Update

Yesterday, Google posted[1] two blog[2] posts around how it delivers reliable information in its search engine. Some believe this is a pre-announcement to a core update but it is not. It does not mean a core update is not happening very soon, we are due one and we are waiting for it[3]. But this announcement is unrelated to any core update.

What Google did was a big press conference, prior to the elections, to get ahead of any big press complaints around bad quality search results before the elections. Just look at[4] the headlines across the major media outlets:

You get the point.

I asked Google if anything really was new in this announcement on a search algorithmic side and the answer was no, just a lot of tweaks over the past year leading up to this announcement.

I wrote about this announcement at Search Engine Land[5] where I summed it up in these bullet points and then broke it down in more detail:

  • Auto-complete policy change around elections, specifically being more conservative and showing less vs more in this area.
  • Google BERT being used in full coverage news stories to better match fact checks with stories.
  • Fact check labels has been shown over 4 billion times in 2020.
  • Google works closer with Wikipedia to detect and remove vandalism that Google may use in knowledge panels.
  • Google is now able to detect breaking news queries in a few minutes versus 40+ minutes.

So what is newish is in those bullet points but do not expect this announcement to be about core updates.

I should add that Pandu Nayak from Google reconfirmed that Google does figure out and categorize query categories to be associated with the YMYL category[6] and treats those queries with more caution by showing the most authoritative sites in those cases.

I do expect a core update really soon, maybe even over the weekend. But again, unrelated directly to this announcement.

Forum discussion at Twitter[7].


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