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Vlog #69: Sarah Teach – Heartfelt SEO & Conscious Capitalism in SEO

Sarah Teach

Sarah Teach is an SEO at The Motley Fool, she specifically works on the evergreen content at the publication. She has an interesting story, she discovered SEO while in an RV for a year and a half doing brand asset related stuff. From there she moved to a company named Knucklepuck where she credits here SEO knowledge and experience from. She explained the differences between working in-house versus and agency.

We first spoke about heartfelt SEO, or Conscious Capitalism in SEO. She looks at the content that is being developed SEO in a different way. When writing content, we have power as SEO and we can impact people’s lives with the content we write. She said, yes, Google thought about this with YMYL but we have a responsibility to write content that help people in a deeper way. Not just helpful content, but connect with the reader in their emotional state. One example is instead of writing “the patient,” you can write “your child” or “your loved one” and that helps improve how you connect with your audience and even Google.

Conscious SEO was our next topic. Sarah Teach explained that you need to be conscious about all the stake holders, employees, customers, shareholders, etc. You need to elevate everyone during this process. We have the power to make a positive difference to people with what we do, Sarah said. It was a very special conversation and I hope you like this talk.

All these efforts around making content like this is a win-win – you will ultimately rank better.

Sarah Teach can be found on Twitter @sarahtheteach[1].

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