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SEO Web Design, LLC / SEO  / Search Buzz Video Recap: Google February Search Update; Local Update & Keywords, Bing Clarifying Questions, Review Snippets & Google Partner Program Changes

Search Buzz Video Recap: Google February Search Update; Local Update & Keywords, Bing Clarifying Questions, Review Snippets & Google Partner Program Changes

This was a busy week; we had a big Google search ranking algorithm update that Google didn’t fully confirm but it maybe was a bug that Google reversed, it is hard to say, I explain it all in the video. There may have been a Google local search update on January 31st and maybe even today. Google updated its help document to say keywords in descriptions matter, but local SEOs say it does not. Bing is testing a search feature asking searchers to clarify their question in search. Google said just because you are indexed, it doesn’t mean you will rank. Google Search Console added a lot of new tools and reports around review snippets and review structured data. Bing has a new BERT, say hello to Turing Natural Language Generation. Google feature snippet image carousel seems to be live. Google fixed the Google Posts rejection bug. Google My Business is now emailing some businesses when reviews are deleted. SEMs are not happy with the Google Partner changes, really not happy with them. Google Ads now shows annotations in more reports. Microsoft Advertising added conditional IF functions. Google posted a video named SEO explained. Google is testing a new home page design. I get to interview Danny Sullivan of Google at SMX Advanced in June. I posted two vlogs this week, one with Ann Smarty on guest blogging and link building and the other with Chris Elwell on how the search marketing event space got its start. Oh and if you want to help sponsor those vlogs, go to[1]. That was the search news this week at the Search Engine Roundtable[2].

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