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SEO Web Design, LLC / SEO  / Search Buzz Video Recap: Google Featured Snippet Deduplication, Data-Vocabulary Deprecation, Google Datasets Search & More

Search Buzz Video Recap: Google Featured Snippet Deduplication, Data-Vocabulary Deprecation, Google Datasets Search & More

This week in search Google deduplicated, as they are calling it, the featured snippets URLs, so if you have a featured snippet, that URL will only show in the search results page once. Google’s Search Console performance reports are not impacted by this. Some think there was also a Google search algorithm update around the same time, but hard to tell. Google also announced it is dropping support for soon, but microfomats and are still supported. Google made big updates to the mobile-first indexing developer documents. Google Dataset Search is out of beta with new features. Google said don’t overthink natural links and that reciprocal links aren’t necessarily bad. Google said a site won’t outrank you using hidden text only. Google said .gov domains do not get a special ranking boost. Google released a video on image search ranking tips. Google AMP Stories work for animals, mammals and insects also now. Google is testing the old desktop search results, which is expected. Google said domains aren’t going away, they are too important. Google rolled out profile icons in the local knowledge panel. Google is hiding reviews in collapsable menus. I released two vlogs this week, one with Joseph Sperzel and the other with industry legend, Mike Grehan. Oh and if you want to help sponsor those vlogs, go to[1]. That was the search news this week at the Search Engine Roundtable[2].

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