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Non-profit Testimonial - SEO Web Design Review
John and Shannan Morgan - Founders - Kauai, Hawaii

"My wife and I just started a non-profit to help kids attend school in developing countries. We knew we needed a website to help explain our mission. My wife had managed our blog while we were staying in Africa so she thought she could do our new website as well. As we tried to start our site we both were overwhelmed on how to create it. We contacted the team at SEO Web Design to see if they could help. After speaking with them about our goals they understood fully of what we wanted to accomplish. Their team went above and beyond in creating a unique website that fit our organization, not just doing what they thought was good but using our feedback to incorporate in the site. When the site was completed my wife and I were amazed at the work they did and how professional it made our charity appear. By SEO Web Design taking care of the website, we were able to focus our energy on the students abroad in our program and not waste time on trying to build our internet presence."

Attorney Law Firm Website Design Review by Mark E. Sawicki, ESQ.
Mark E. Sawicki, ESQ. - Fort Lauderdale, Florida

"SEO Web Design is nothing but a professional business experience, they often go the extra mile to make sure their customers are happy. They do not stop until their websites, and products are perfect to the customers standards. I have been a client for over 3 years now and I have referred over 15 people to them for their wonderful work. They helped grow my business from nothing to a successful law firm all through their website building, SEO optimization, and personal attention. Every person that I have referred to tham has signed up and have been very happy with his competitive pricing and exceptional service. They’ve spent a great deal of time with me trying to see my vision of not just my website but a lot my vision for my business as a whole which allowed him to customize, through countless hours of hard work the best website for my firm. I would recommend the team at SEO Web Design to anyone looking for an amazing website, great service, competitive pricing, and feel free to personally reach out to me for a reference!"

RongQi Zhao - International Sales - Shijiazhuang, China

"I'm very pleased to communicate with SEO Web Design, who answered many unintelligible questions from a person knowing nothing about websites like myself. After what seemed like a few short weeks, I was so happy with the look of my website for the first time. "We have a fabulous start in business" was a voice that came to my mind. The SEO Web Design team presented a beautiful product exceeding all of my expectations. I will recommend them to my friends, but I prefer that my rivals stay in the dark."

Travel Blog Website Design Review by Sunny Jim
Sunny Jim - Founder - Abroad in Southeast Asia

"I started traveling around SE Asia and I wanted to create a blog to share my adventures. Not feeling satisfied with a standard looking website that most bloggers use, I contacted SEO Web Design to help me create the look and functionality I desired. I was impressed with the response time and excited to see the options they had given me. Once the site was operational, the team at SEO Web Design was extremely helpful in helping me learn how to manage my pages. I am more than happy with the way my website looks and operates! Thanks SEO Web Design!!"

Karen Tomlinson - Owner/Senior Concierge - Orange County California

"After interviewing a few web developers, I was introduced to the team at SEO Web Design. They came highly recommended and easily lived up to this recommendation. They took my vision for my company and expressed it through my website. I own a senior concierge company and needed my website to appeal to my customer base as well as standout from the competition. Graphics, content, placement and easy navigation were all on point. I am extremely happy and will promote this team's talent to anyone in need of SEO and web development at a competitive price."

Jamaal R. Jones, Esq. - Miami, FL

"About a year ago, I was introduced to SEO Web Design by a colleague of mine after I told him that I was looking to have a website built for my law firm. I had a very specific vision of what I was looking for in the design and layout of my website. Their team was very patient with me and was able to offer me advice and many options that helped make my dream website become a reality. Many of my clients tell me how professional and intuitive my website is and that it was a key factor in deciding to initiate contact with me. If I ever had an issue with the website someone on the SEO Web Design team is always quick to respond and rectify the issue. I like the work that SEO Web Design has done for me so much that I have recommended others to the company. I highly recommend hiring them to help construct or re-design your website at a reasonable price."

Annalysa Wareham - Founder and President - Silverton, Oregon

"I started a boutique jewelry store in historic downtown Silverton, Oregon in 2015. I had so much on my plate to get the business going and the website was so important to get right, but not in my scope of knowledge at all. It needed to be classy, well thought out, easy to navigate and speak to my customers. But beyond the look and features of the website, I needed someone I trusted with my personal information and understood the big leap I was taking. Working with the SEO Web Design team put me at complete ease. They were timely, thorough, their work looks wonderful and they continue to respond to update requests promptly. SEO Web Design, LLC is wonderful!"

Patrick Baird - President +

"SEO Web Design has been wonderful to work with, their team of specialists allow me to simply email my thoughts and they create everything I need, INCLUDING integrating shopping carts and e-commerce functionality. I have multiple projects already completed by them and expect to send even more projects their way this year!! I highly recommend their services!!"

Rhonda Thomassen - Owner / Operator - Albany, Oregon

"I had the SEO Web Design team design my site a couple years ago and they have managed it ever since then. They are patient with me as I roll through design changes periodically, based on client needs and as my business grows. It has been helpful having the snippets of training so I can use my blog effectively to promote services to my clients. They have always been professional and timely with everything and I would have no hesitation in recommending their services."

Brent Shears - Owner/Operator - Orange County California

"SEO Web Design is the best web designer I have come across in my 18 years of business. I have tried numerous designers and they either cannot create the design I portray, our take way to long and under deliver their final project. This team excels in all those mentioned areas and that is why I have had him build 2 sites for my companies and I have recommended him to anyone I come across. If you are in the market to a very nice, creative and responsive web designer, then SEO Web Design will satisfy your needs."

Dr. D - Shampoo Creator - Las Vegas, Nevada

"Quick, responsive, friendly, and everything I could ever ask for in a web design company. You guys go above and beyond for everything I requested and were communicative the entire time. I never knew such a fluid website could be put together within the budget and timeframe I used. My organic results have taken hold and things are going as they told me they would."

Peter B. - Owner / Operator - Kailua-Kona, Hawaii

"SEO Web Design is responsible for a lot of my painting business's success. We are very happy with the look of my website, it's clean and professional and is starting to attract more and more traffic. You can't go wrong with SEO Web Design!"

Paul Dix Insurance Adjusters Logo Icon
Paul Dix - Owner - Palm Springs, California

'I think it is just wonderful! This is definitely one of the best websites I’ve seen - excellent design, colors/fonts/pics, and organization of content! SEO Web Designs does outstanding work. I’ll be referring to them for sure!"

Medical Doctor Website Design Review by Dr. Rask
Dr. Rask - Medical Director - Corvallis, Oregon

"SEO Web Design LLC created my clinic's website several years ago. They have been managing the website since that time. They have always been very responsive to any changes the clinic has gone through, changes which needed to be reflected in how the clinic website appears. In short, I have been very happy with all aspects of the service provided, and I would not have any hesitation recommending them to any interested parties."

Modesto Stuart - Founder, President, and Visionary - Redondo Beach, California

"Working with SEO Web Designs is a delight. Our organization had nothing and they helped us get started. They gave us everything we needed for our first website and I couldn’t have asked for a better group of people to work with. Thanks again for everything you have done for us over here at E4E."

Wheelchair Fitness Solutions Logo Icon
David Ramirez - Owner - Miami, Florida

"I'm the owner of Wheelchair Fitness Solution. In brief, I will attest that I'm rather unsophisticated with web design and social media implementation, but I realized the need to have our company reflect an image that would capture the attention of the viewer. I found the experts in SEO Web Design who took the reigns and delivered more than I could have ever expected. For this I'm ever grateful and appreciative of their efforts to make us feel comfortable throughout the entire implementation. I would highly recommend SEO Web Design (namely Kyle) to you without any reservation and know you will not be disappointed."

St Louis Electrician Logo
J.C. - Owner / Operator - Saint Louis, Missouri

"We had NEVER had a website for our business before. SEO Web Design, LLC built us a website for our electrician business, and we had a search hit from Google and got a job from it the very next day! I couldn't believe it. It was like free money. I'm still amazed. Business has never been better, the website doesn't do everything for us, but it really helps with the other things that we do. Mostly, I am amazed at how much more profit we make just from adding a few more jobs a month. It helps us to utilize our time more effectively and so that we're always working and making money. As the owner, it's not the first job of the month that pays me, it's those last few each month that ACTUALLY put money in my pocket after our fixed expenses are cleared. This website really helps me get over that monthly hurdle."

Smoke Shop Seattle Logo Icon
Richard S. - Owner / Operator - Seattle, Washington

"This is to anyone thinking about moving forward with a website for your new, or established business. I started a retail business in Feb. 2012. One of my first moves was to sit down with SEO Web Design, LLC and set up a plan for them to help me design a website. I didn't really fully understand the importance of a website, until I met these guys. SEO Web Design, LLC made me understand the importance of an internet presence. No one uses the yellow pages anymore, its all about an "internet search" these days. They made sure to utilize all the key search phrases and words that directly applied to my business. They also made sure my business came up when people conducted a search for my type of business. This company has an amazing attention to detail and an in depth understanding of how the internet works. Their knowledge has led to incredible gains for my business. I remember my first few months in business were somewhat daunting, to say the least. My phone did not ring and I lacked customers because of my "new business" status. I questioned whether I had even made the right decision to open a business. I see now that the investment in a website was well worth it. Like I said if you are thinking about a website you should really stop thinking about it and "do it". An internet presence is vital to the success of just about any business today. If you are not on the internet, people are going to have a much harder time knowing your business even exist. An investment in SEO Web Design, LLC's knowledge and "know how" is a direct investment that will benefit your business and provide it the best chance to succeed in today's competitive internet pace."

Silverton Mini Storage Road Sign Logo
Mini Storall - Owners - Silverton, Oregon

"Mini-Storall has shown a marked rise in inquiries since our web site was launched. Which means an increase in units being rented and moving supplies sold. As a tool to get the word out when we're having storage auctions or a special promotion the web site is proving to be invaluable. We have been VERY pleased with the work SEO Web Design, LLC has done for Mini Storall and contiues to do maintaining our site. We highly recommend them to anyone interested in taking their business to the next level."