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SEO Web Design / SEO  / New Smart Bidding features in Google Ads: Top signals for Target ROAS and max conversions, manager account level seasonality adjustments and more

New Smart Bidding features in Google Ads: Top signals for Target ROAS and max conversions, manager account level seasonality adjustments and more

Google is launching new features for Smart Bidding[1] to help make automation more intuitive to search marketers’ needs and better cater to changes in each advertiser’s individual market.

Top signals changes. Advertisers can now use top signals for search campaigns using Target ROAS and Maximize conversion value. “Currently, you can only view top signals for campaigns that use Target CPA and Maximize conversions” but that’s expanded now, wrote Neera Thavornvanit[2], Product Manager, Google Ads.

Seasonality adjustments can now be made at the manager account level. Before now, Smart Bidding did take seasonality into account, but there could be events where advertisers expect big changes in conversion rates, such as big sales or product launches. “To make these adjustments even easier to use, you can now set them at the manager account level[3] instead of creating them for each individual account,” said Thavornvanit.

Recommendations for max conversions. Google Ads is also now “surfacing new opportunities on the Recommendations page[4]. These recommendations will show for eligible Search campaigns and can help you get more conversion value within your budget,” according to the announcement.

Target Impression Share simulators now available. Smart Bidding simulators were created to help you estimate campaign performance. “This tool was previously available for conversion and click-based bid strategies, and we are now expanding support[5] to Search campaigns using Target Impression Share,” announced Thavornvanit. You can now use the simulator tool to get an idea of how changes in target impression share could affect cost, impression share, and clicks.

Why we care. These feature improvements are part of the incremental advancements Google is working on to make Ads automation more intuitive and user-friendly. They can also be useful for advertisers in different industries — like seasonality adjustments for retail, etc.

About The Author

Carolyn Lyden serves as the Director of Search Content for Search Engine Land and SMX. With expertise in SEO, content marketing, local search, and analytics, she focuses on making marketers’ jobs easier with important news and educational content.


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