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SEO Web Design, LLC / SEO  / Microsoft Digital Marketing Center & This Week’s News [PODCAST] via @shepzirnheld

Microsoft Digital Marketing Center & This Week’s News [PODCAST] via @shepzirnheld

This week on Marketing O’Clock Jess Budde, Greg Finn, and Christine “Shep” Zirnheld are talking about all the digital marketing news of the week.

Plus, we pick the best corporate jams for business TikTok videos, our favorite fresh cheese curd product to find on ice at a salad bar, and the most expensive and most mysterious houses on the block.

Microsoft Digital Marketing Center[1]

Microsoft is piloting a new free Digital Marketing Center to help SMBs manage both organic social media and paid search and social campaigns across Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Paid campaigns powered by the Digital Marketing Center will rely heavily on automation.

Advertisers can set their goals, location targeting, and budgets and Microsoft AI will power the keyword targeting, audience targeting, and bidding.

For organic social media, marketers can manage up to ten profiles on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and use the social inbox to reply, like, and send direct messages.



New Google licensing program for publishers [2]

Google announced a new licensing program that will pay select publishers for “high-quality content.”

Google also said they will offer to pay certain publishers with paywalls to allow users free access to articles on their site.

Google launches Keen app[3]

The new app allows users to curate content from across the web, helping them share their interests and passions with the world.

These “interests and passions” can then be used for targeting across Google’s ad network, no cookies required.

Google’s machine learning will serve users more content that it predicts may be of interest to them.

Spotify is testing in-app offers[4]

Instead of memorizing a specific URL or coupon code, users can click on the episode page for the podcast they’re listening to click through to an advertiser’s site.

This is a much easier user experience for the podcast audience and makes tracking easier for the advertiser.

This new type of ad isn’t yet publicly available but is being tested for a couple of select podcasts.



Is Safari planning to block Google Analytics? [5]

The new version of macOS, called “Big Sur,” was announced this week and many in the SEO community incorrectly said that it would block Google Analytics from collecting data.

Luckily, Simo Ahava[6] set the record straight.

Translated into English: Safari/ITP does not block resource loading.

A regular, first-party @GoogleAnalytics[7] is *not* blocked in the Safari beta version.

Hopefully will see redactions in @appleinsider and @sejournal, with an end to the spread of misinformation.[8][9][10]

— Simo Ahava (@SimoAhava) June 24, 2020[11]

TikTok gets down to business[12]

TikTok’s new business platform will keep marketers up-to-date on the marketing solutions offered on the platform so you can “Grow your audience. Grow your brand. Make graphs go up.”

They’re also offering a new learning center for marketers and advertisers.

This week’s short but sweet take of the week comes from Lindsay Casey[13], who may know more about Google than their own employees do!

Consistently amazed at how little the people who work for Google know about Google. #ppcchat[14]

— Lindsay Casey (@lindsaycasey) June 23, 2020[15]

Then, ICYMI, Google makes it really hard to exclude YouTube and app ad placements, and Julie Bacchini[16] isn’t happy about it (neither are we).

Hey @GoogleAds[17] – turns out with your new “can’t just fully exclude apps or YouTube” policies, 10,000 exclusions per campaign IS NOT SUFFICIENT.

Please fix this. My clients are wasting money. Will recommend doing remarketing on Facebook instead…#ppcchat[18]

— Julie F Bacchini (@NeptuneMoon) June 22, 2020[19]

Then we answer your burning digital marketing questions during our lightning round segment.

  • Who is launching a new “Summer of Support” program? and why don’t they just support advertisers all the time?
  • What is Twitter’s new search feature?
  • When is Google’s ad revenue expected to grow again after dropping for the first time in history?
  • Where can you find more information on ads you see on Hulu?
  • Why is Google now allowing Advertisers to run ads on Instagram even if they don’t have a Facebook page?
  • How often should you update LinkedIn engagement remarketing audiences?

Like what you heard? Head over to the Marketing O’Clock site[20] to read today’s articles and subscribe.

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Featured Image Credit: Cypress North


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