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Google Search Algorithm Update On September 15th? Limited Chatter But Tools Spiking.

Over the past 24-hours or so, most, if not all, of the Google rank checking tools are showing spikes in fluctuations in the Google search rankings. The weird part, the chatter in the SEO community and individual people complaining about ranking changes has really not spiked with the tools.

Normally, the two go side-by-side. SEOs, site owners, webmasters – come to the forums and complain or boast (but mostly complain) about ranking changes in Google Search. They notice their analytics tools or even rank checking tools show a drop or change in position or traffic and come to find out why. I am seeing very limited chatter, outside of people talking about the tools showing changes on a massive scale. But in terms of individual complaints, at this point in time, I am seeing very little complaints, if any.

The tools however, almost all of them, are showing big changes in the Google search rankings. It is not just one tool, but all of them. Which is weird. If one tool was off, sure. But all of them? Maybe Google made some underlining code change that impacted all the tools? That doesn’t seem logical to me.

I should also note, Google tends to pre-announce broad core updates and Google did not do so yet. So this may be some sort of interesting Google search algorithm update[1] or maybe some weird change that caused the tools to tremor. It is super early at this point and Google has not commented yet on anything related to this.

Anyway, here is the limited chatter I found on both WebmasterWorld[2] and a couple of Black Hat[3] World[4] threads. Note, I checked the main Google forums where you see individual complaints often and I am not seeing any of that as of the past 24-hours.

Seeing throttled traffic today.

Seeing a fair bit of instability on mobile today across different niches. Anyone else?

Fairly stable here again.

Hi – anyone else noticing featured snippets disappearing for some queries? Happened last week and recorded on Mozcast, seeing it again now. So there is no position zero, just standard 1, 2, 3?

There’s a lot of movement on the mobile SERPS, specifically with AMP. If you check out the Rank Ranger resources, you might also see some fluctuations there. I’m actually seeing more….I suspect something is afoot or at least being tested.

Big volatility today according to SEMRUSH. Seen a gradual uptick in traffic over last 7 days too which is not uncommon in run up to core update in my experience. Plus featured snippets changing a lot. Could be today the update starts, but I’m guessing more likely mid next week based on dates from previous years.

Semrush sensor is high again. Heuheu..

Positive movements for keywords. New ones popping up and old ones going up.

First time in the history this happens while SEMrush is red – Usually I’m dropping hard when there are any changes.. I hope this is some new update that reverses the May mess.

I’m seeing movement across quite a number of my sites. More than I would expect for normal fluctuations.

Seems like niche related . Seeing some movement not expected around tech.

Yea seeing some rank drops let’s hope it’s not an update

There was a fluctuation but no significant change in my client site.

Seen a few movements today but nothing insane or crazy

So those are the folks saying they see some changes, but nothing massive for most folks. And heck, most of the responses were about people not seeing changes in traffic or rankings.

Now for the tools, here are screen shots of the tools as of this morning.


click for full size


click for full size


click for full size

Advanced Web Rankings[8]:

click for full size


click for full size


click for full size

Cognitive SEO[11]:

click for full size


click for full size

So – let me know – do you see ranking changes and Google organic search traffic changes this morning across the sites you monitor?

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld[13] and Black Hat[14] World[15].


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