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Google Search Algorithm Update Blip On Monday & Tuesday?

Monday and Tuesday there was a blip of fluctuations and chatter across the SEO community around a Google search algorithm update[1]. We have SEOs noticing ranking changes over a 24-48 hour period and some of the toolsets picked up on dense rank position changes over the past couple of days.

This does not seem big, just more like a blip for a short period of time. This is not like big unconfirmed one[2] from the other week but it does seem something happened.

Here is some of the chatter from WebmasterWorld[3] and Black Hat[4] World[5]:

Nice increase in traffic since January, but suddenly a significant drop this weekend (and still going).

I spoke too soon regarding my conversions. Now traffic and conversions are back in the toilet.

Looks like SERP tools are reporting high volatility today. Are we beginning another round of 5+ days of massive changes?

It would seem to be PT or PF!

Permanent Turmoil and / or Permanent Flux … Take your choice!

Google just killed my website, from 825k organic daily search to only 3.6k yesterday.

All my kw’s disappear, anyone having same issues ?

Strange surge in traffic since yesterday. Anything else brewing? Probably it would be ‘nothing’ or ‘regular’ ones again.

A new update is going on, looks like every 5 days they are rolling out more huge updates, as it won’t affect their traffic, they can change and a/b test anything in any way, The biggest monopoly of all times won’t stop doing more useless changes. I mean, if you start to observe since 2018 march until now, the google search is getting worse than bing.

Here are screen shots from the tracking tools:


click for full size

Advanced Web Rankings[7]:

click for full size


click for full size


click for full size

Maybe Google is still making tweaks to what it did the other week? I am not sure. Did you notice anything on Monday or Tuesday?

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld[10] and Black Hat[11] World[12].


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