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Google Ranking Algorithm Update Tremors

I am seeing signs from both the SEO chatter in the community and the tracking tools that the past day or so there may have been a Google search ranking and algorithm update[1]. It might be just tremors or small tweaks to the Google May 2020 core update[2] or it might be something totally unrelated.

Google did tell us the may core update fully rolled[3] out by Monday of this week.

I might even be seeing changes in my rankings[4] in the past 24-hours but it is super early and hard to tell for sure.

That being said, here is the chatter from the WebmasterWorld[5] forums:

Some kind of update definitely happened in the past two days. Can’t point my finger at it.

Lost a bunch of traffic two days ago, then got some traffic back, then lost some more today. Seems like another small update is in play again.

Notice Google bot is gobbling up a lot of my pages today. Probably 5 times more than normal. They haven’t done that in a number of months.

I am also seeing chatter of this on Twitter and other social channels.

The tools are also showing this.


click for full size


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click for full size

Advanced Web Rankings[9]:

click for full size


click for full size


click for full size

Cognitive SEO[12]:

click for full size


click for full size

So, have you noticed anything over the past 24-hours or so?

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld[14].


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