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Google My Business Not Functioning Properly During COVID-19 Crisis

There are many many complaints about Google My Business working properly now. We know the support hours[1] have been limited due to the outbreak. We know features and functions[2] have been removed or stalled. But it seems that there are tons of issues with Google My Business not functioning correctly.

Here is a rant from Steve Plunkett:

3rd time it has been changed.. i have 800 stores to change today.. this is not cool. cc: @searchliaison[3]

— ☕ Steve Plunkett ☕ (@steveplunkett) March 24, 2020[4]

While we are at it can we please not have google employees remove UTM tracking codes and location pages URLs and replace with root domain? Again i want user to go to store location page, not home page of website. Thank you. @GoogleMyBiz @searchliaison[5][6]

— ☕ Steve Plunkett ☕ (@steveplunkett) March 24, 2020[7]

FYI.. @GoogleMyBiz users are more likely to search for “brand” + “street name” + “city” than “brand” + “city” + “zip code” – most don’t know zip code of a location they pass by but they do remember the street name. cc: @rustybrick #local #SEO[8][9][10][11]

— ☕ Steve Plunkett ☕ (@steveplunkett) March 24, 2020[12]

Joy Hawkins is keeping a comprehensive list of issues on[13].

There are a LOT of things with Google My Business that are not functioning as normal right now due to COVID-19. Many of these just started on Friday. I have compiled a list of everything I’m seeing thusfar here:[14]

— Joy Hawkins (@JoyanneHawkins) March 23, 2020[15]

PSA: Google Posts seems to be limping badly. Many businesses are having trouble. Google knows about the situation and while it is not a great time for Posts to break, they have.

They continue to work for some[16]

— Mike Blumenthal (@mblumenthal) March 23, 2020[17]

Also, if you scan through the Google My Business Help[18] forums, you will see many many issues.

It is unfortunate but we need to be patient during this time, with everyone.

Greg Sterling posted more about these issues on Search Engine Land[19].

Forum discussion at Twitter[20].


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