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SEO Web Design, LLC / SEO  / Fun: Google My Business Support Tries To Help Danny Sullivan.

Fun: Google My Business Support Tries To Help Danny Sullivan.

You know how when someone asks one Googler a question and that Google doesn’t know the answer, so they CC another to help. Well, sometimes Googlers don’t know Googlers and the get confused. Here is Danny Sullivan, a Googler, CCing Google My Business support to help a business.

What you see next is that Google My Business support responds as if Danny needs help, when he doesn’t. It looks like an automated response?

The request for help by a business owner:

@searchliaison[1] we have had our Google Verification Card sent 4X now with no success.

Is there another way to verify an address? We just added our 4th location and need our Google presence!

— Dr. Josh Funk (@Josh_Funk) January 14, 2020[2]

Danny copies in Google My Business to help and then Google My Business offers to send a DM to Danny:

Hi Danny! We have reached out to you via DM. We are happy to assist you there- Lina

— Google My Business (@GoogleMyBiz) January 15, 2020[3]

This seems kind of automated because this happened to me as well. I looped in Google in the past, this specific account, for one reason or another, and Google responded asking if I need help. I do need help but not from Google My Business.

This is just funny and I thought you’d like to smile this morning.

Forum discussion at Twitter[4].


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