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Four powerful tools to optimize your social media conversions

Four powerful tools to optimize your social media conversions

I think you’ll agree with us when we say, “It’s really hard to get conversions from social media channels.” Hours of creation and curation later, all we get are a few likes or just basic inquiries. But what if we told you that getting leads from social media isn’t quite a very hard nut to crack?

In fact, by using the below-mentioned tools we managed to get 89 new enquires in the past week alone. That’s a 594% staggering increase from the 12-13 leads that managed to squiggle through previously.

Sounds unbelievable?

Well, our magic potion is certainly a mix of a few tricks and tools that helped us to achieve this feat. But most importantly, it is the result of months of trials, tests, and efforts of keeping the social community engaged through frequent posting and analyzing.


What exactly are social media conversions?

Conversions from social media could be anything – from gaining new subscribers to your mailing list, more app downloads, website visits, to closing sales through your social channels. These conversions are an important part of digital marketing services and strategy.

The question now is, how do you, as a marketer gain meaningful conversions from your social media channels?

To help you out, we’ve put together a list of our most trusted social media tools for marketing that helped us gain an edge over our competitors:

1. Ace your social game with Agorapulse

Agorapulse is a social community and moderation tool that helps businesses manage all their social network profiles. Furthermore, it helps you gather critical data like statistics and reporting to help you gain high-quality insights, devise and execute effective social media campaigns.

It is the ultimate social media tool as you can connect it to every social account that you run. Plus it also provides a CRM platform making it efficient for sales-oriented tasks.

Agorapulse features

Social inbox

One amazing feature in Agorapulse is its ‘Social Inbox’. If you are the kind of brand that likes to stay connected with your customers and monitor each brand mention, then Agorapulse is the tool for you. All your social media notifications will appear in the social inbox, so you can take action and reply to comments and mentions directly from this social inbox.

Social listening

As a social listening tool, Agorapulse can also find mentions of your brand on social media, where you haven’t been tagged. This generally helps you to identify negative reviews and smell a crisis before the disaster strikes. You can also set up custom searches for whatever query or keyword you like.

Content scheduling and queueing

Scheduling is easier too with categories. With the Chrome plugin, you can schedule content on the go.

Agorapulse for social media conversions

Source: Agorapulse[1]

Audience analysis

As a B2B company, it is important to know if your clients are interested in your brand’s social content. Agorapulse lets you see your most engaged followers, who are more likely to become customers or clients in the near future.

Analytics and reporting

Agorapulse stands out for its in-depth analytics reports. These reports help in measuring your social media ROI to see if your efforts on social media are paying off. Compare your page’s performance to those of your competitors, to know where you are lacking.


Agorapulse, beyond the trial period, is a paid tool. But if you are serious about getting leads and conversions on social media, it is definitely one that we recommend spending on. Agorapulse plans come in four different pricing ranges.

  • Medium- $99/mo
    Best for small businesses
  • Large-$199/mo
    Best for agencies
  • Extra Large-$299/mo
    Best for larger organizations
  • Enterprise-$499/mo
    Best for large teams with many profiles


Agorapulse remains the favorite social management tool for big names like Ogilvy, Disney, Dove, and Yves Saint Laurent.

2. Understand your social media audience with Socialbakers

Socialbakers is a tool that can manage and measure everything from social media to your audiences in one place. It helps you discover your customer personas, what content resonates with them and which influencers do they like.

One of the more important things with social media is to understand the kind of content that resonates with your audience. Getting to know what your followers like and engage with, helps you in creating more relevant posts and content for the future. After all, content is created with the latent aim of getting customers in the long run.

Enter Socialbakers – an all in one analytical tool that helps you get the most of your data.

Socialbakers features

Creating detailed reports

Social media managers often tend to struggle with making customized performance reports to review their efforts on social media. With social bakers, you can get a complete analytical report scheduled to your inbox at set intervals of time. Save it as a presentation or excel sheet or PDF to peruse when required.

Socialbakers to understand social media audience

Source: Socialbakers[2]

Competitor analysis

The multi compare feature in Socialbakers allows you to pit yourself against 10 other similar brands from your industry, so you can identify where you stand. By recognizing their strengths and weaknesses, you can create a better content strategy.

Social engagement

Discover what content is clicking with your audience, to do more of what’s working and engaging the viewers. Monitor your social media performance over different platforms to see which social channel is doing best.

Know your most engaged audience

Also, Socialbaker’s the ‘Response Time Evolution’ feature lets you determine the highest engagement time frame, you can mark the exact hour at which your posts should go out to get more responses.


Socialbakers has two pricing plans that are determined by the number of profiles you wish to manage with it.

  • 10 profiles- $19/mo
  • 20 profiles-  $38/mo

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Socialbakers is the tool of choice for brands like Sony, Samsung, Nat Geo, Vodafone, Walmart, and more.

3. Integrate apps, save time, and do more sales with Zapier

Zapier is an online automation tool that connects two or more apps. It automates simple repetitive tasks eliminating the need for coding and human intervention.

Zapier automation helps you manage your social media and spend time engaging in meaningful customer conversations.

Zapier features

Automate repetitive tasks

Zapier helps you by creating time-saving zaps or workflows that are fully automated.  It is a personal assistant that does little tasks for you.


Crossposting across different social media platforms is easy with Zapier. That means if you post a new picture on Instagram, and want the same to be posted on your Facebook account, you don’t need to do it manually each time.

Zapier to integrate apps and sales

Source: Zapier[3]

Many people face issues crossposting their Instagram content on Twitter. The pictures appear as links, which need to be clicked and can be viewed only on the native platform. Zapier allows you to create image tweets from Instagram that can be directly viewed on Twitter.

Ongoing sync among apps

As social media managers usually suffer from a lack of time, they look to automate simple tasks, these tasks could be anything from posting the same content on different platforms, posting blog links to social media channels, saving interested leads and sign-up form data to a Google sheet, and more.

Zapier eases the burden by automating all these processes.

Zap templates

The best part about Zapier is that there are already hundreds of zap recipes created for you to use. If you are unsure, you can even customize a zap, by specifying a trigger and the resultant action.


Zapier is a free tool for up to 100 tasks a month, and single-step Zaps, but if you want advanced features, and more zaps then there are four paid upgrades.

  • Starter- $25/mo
    Multi-step Zaps
    • Professional- $61/mo
      Advanced tools and unlimited Zaps
  • Team- $374/mo
    Collaborate with team
  • Company- $749/mo
    Enterprise-Grade Features


Zapier is trusted by teams large and small. Popular users include BuzzFeed, Spotify, Adobe and Fox network.

4. Get high-quality B2B leads with Lusha

Lusha is primarily an email and phone number tracker. It is GDPR compliant and helps you get the contact information of B2B leads you’re interested in. Interestingly, you can even integrate Lusha with your salesforce to capture leads, contacts, and other sales front data.

Lusha features

Email and phone number finder

We tried using Lusha on our Linkedin profile and got some amazing results. Apart from people who regularly interact with our content on Linked in, we delved deeper and found contacts of people that we were interested to sell our services to. We primarily targeted CEOs, Marketing Managers, and key decision-makers.

Data import

With a warm list of qualified leads, we were able to create smart email campaigns. Also, using the phone numbers that we got through Lusha, we were able to pitch our services over sales calls.

Lusha for social media data and sales

Source: Lusha[4]

The plugin works on LinkedIn, Gmail, and Salesforce platforms. Generally, contact information is hidden on LinkedIn, and to contact someone, you’ll have to send a message or an In-mail. With the click of a single button, Lusha shows you the personal email, work email, and phone numbers of the person you want to get in contact with.


The free plan gives you five credits. That means you can view the contact information of five different profiles. However, if you wish to export contacts, and save them to your CRM, you have to purchase a paid plan. Lusha prices its plans on the basis of the number of Lusha credits. There are 3 pricing packages to choose from.

  • Professional – $75/mo
  • Premium – $149/mo
  • Enterprise – Price upon consultation

Lusha empowers some of the world’s best companies. These include Google, Uber, Dropbox, Facebook, Microsoft and more.


Social media traffic has a low conversion rate of only 0.71%[5] when compared to search campaigns and email marketing. However, given that we put in smart work and regularly monitor our efforts, we can milk in more leads than usual. What’s really important to note is the knowledge of each social medium and how audiences behave on different social platforms.

With the above mentioned social media tools for marketing, your social media team is better equipped for conversions. If you’re still unsure about your social media conversion strategy, you can avail digital marketing services of an experienced agency.

Shaista Mujeeb is a Copywriter at Wolftain Agency.


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