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Ecommerce marketing this Independence Day will be tricky: Four must dos

30-second summary:

  • This 4th of July is coming at a time when the US is seeing waves of social justice protests.  
  • People who are extremely anxious and frustrated in the current climate will pay little attention to your cookie-cutter July 4th themed advertisement.
  • What does this mean for ecommerce marketing and how can marketers?
  • Instead of tone-deaf messages and empty platitudes, how can businesses walk the walk?
  • Evelyn Johnson discusses how businesses need to keep peoples’ sentiments in mind as they try to drive their campaign home.

Independence Day this year will be the first big holiday after the relaxation of lockdowns across the US. While thanksgiving took place when most states had enforced strict social distancing protocols, Americans will celebrate the 4th of July with much more freedom. 

Not to forget, this 4th of July is also coming at a time when the country is seeing waves of social justice protests.  

But what does this mean for ecommerce marketers? For starters, the usual Independence Day campaign might not cut it anymore. People who are extremely anxious and frustrated in the current climate will pay little attention to your cookie-cutter July 4th themed advertisement.

So instead of generic Independence Day deals, you will have to take a new approach to Independence Day marketing. 

Here’s how you can go about it. 

Understand how people will celebrate this year

Independence Day celebrations have remained pretty much the same for decades. There are fireworks, barbecues, carnivals, parades, and a whole slew of activities. Some 4th of July stats from last year show around 48.9 million travel on this day.  [1]

But due to the current outbreak, many people will avoid public gatherings this year. While there will still be parades and festivals, the scope of these events will be extremely limited. Instead, many people will be staying in for Independence Day this time around.  

This is where you have a window to cater to millions who will be staying at home. Products like board games and DIY items for crafting patriotic decorations might prove to be a big hit in the coming holiday.  

After singling out items you believe might sell well on 4th July, check out their popularity on Google trends[2] leading up to the day. Understanding which new products are in demand will allow you to produce a holistic marketing campaign and target consumers with personalized advertisements. 

1. Convey to people that you care about their safety

Americans are hoping that the worst of the pandemic is behind them. But states and CDC are still recommending precautions such as washing hands, wearing masks, and maintaining some level of social distance.  

Here, brands can help customers in their quest to celebrate the 4th of July safely. Little things such as adding complimentary masks, face shields, gloves, and hand sanitizers to Independence Day deals will show consumers that you care about them.  

Of course, fireworks and soaps would be an odd pairing. But considering that 2020 has been the year of pandemics, a potential World War and UFOs — it would be the least bizarre offering of this year. 

2. Participate in a virtual parade

The coming Independence Day has marketing opportunities that previously did not exist, especially in the digital realm. Many communities in the United States have decided to take parades online, creating an unprecedented marketing avenue for brands.  [3]

Sponsoring virtual parades might be uncharted territory for you but it’s a territory worth exploring. The pandemic has caused life to move online and marketers should get with the times.  

Since Independence Day parades are usually organized by communities, there’s also an opportunity in them for location-based marketing[4]. Lookout for any virtual parades your customers might be interested in and reach out for sponsorship.  

Using this new medium, you can put out their message of solidarity, unity, and cooperation. This message will resonate with Americans who are feeling pessimistic due to everything that has unfolded in 2020. 

3. Add a flavor of patriotism to your products

Fourth of July is all about celebrating America and everything it has to offer. So don’t shy away from incorporating patriotic imagery and colors in your marketing efforts. To take things a step further, you can even combine patriotic imagery with products that are currently in demand and create new items.  

A recent study has shown widespread mask-wearing could prevent a second outbreak of COVID-19. Currently, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is also recommending that Americans should cover their faces to stop the spread of novel coronavirus.  [5]

Retail businesses can help Americans curtail outbreaks by promoting special flag-themed face masks. These masks will promote a sense of responsibility in Americans to not only stay uninfected themselves but to stop others from getting the virus as well.  

4. Keep the focus on diversity

America is fortunate enough to have people from diverse backgrounds. People belonging to different ethnicities and colors have shaped this country. Independence Day is an opportunity to celebrate American diversity.  

Now more than ever, it’s a time to shine a light on the minority communities. And in light of recent events, it is the time for brands to uplift voices of those that are feeling suppressed and discriminated against.

Instead of tone-deaf messages and empty platitudes, enterprises should walk the walk. This means consciously joining forces with African-America, Latino, and Native-American influencers while promoting products designed by individuals from disadvantaged communities.

Independence Day this year will allow millions of Americans to blow off steam after months of distress. It will also be a day where they look towards their national identity as a source of strength and unity in a polarizing time. Businesses need to keep this sentiment in mind as they try to drive their campaign home.

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