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SEO Web Design, LLC / SEO  / Daily Search Forum Recap: March 25, 2020

Daily Search Forum Recap: March 25, 2020

Here is a recap of what happened in the search forums today, through the eyes of the Search Engine Roundtable[1] and other search forums on the web.

Search Engine Roundtable Stories:

  • Google Search Ranking Algorithm Volatility[2]
    Many of the tracking tools that follow the changes and volatility in the Google search results have been spiking over the past couple of days. The chatter within the SEO industry is not super strong but the SEO community is a bit busy at the moment.
  • Vlog #57: Hamlet Batista On Scaling SEO Through Technology & How To Automate Your SEO[3]
    Hamlet Batista originally is from the Dominican Republic and is now based in New Jersey, less than an hour from my office actually. I did offer him a ride but he turned me down and instead flew in from Newark Airport. He is the CEO of RankSense…
  • Google My Business Adds Mark As Temporarily Closed Option[4]
    If you login to your Google My Business account and click on edit your information, you will be given a new option to “mark as temporarily closed.” Previously you were unable to do this from Google My Business.
  • Google My Business Not Functioning Properly During COVID-19 Crisis[5]
    There are many many complaints about Google My Business working properly now. We know the support hours have been limited due to the outbreak. We know features and functions have been removed or stalled. But it seems that there are tons of issues with Google My Business not functioning correctly.
  • Can Google Detect Sarcasm?[6]
    Someone asked Google’s John Mueller if Google’s search algorithms can detect and then filter out sarcasm on the internet. It is an interesting question if Google can detect sarcasm or not, in fact, I see a ton of papers on the concept. But I’ve never seen Google talk about it (personally).
  • Google Advice On E-Commerce Sites Closed Due To COVID-19[7]
    Gary Illyes from Google said the company is working on putting together “some more thorough do’s and don’t’s” around what e-commerce and other site owners should do with their web sites if the business is temporarily closed due to the coronavirus. But for now, he said just put a message up and disable the shopping cart from checking out.
  • Google Dog Dressed Up In Shiny Blue Hair[8]
    Here is an old photo I found on Instagram from one of the Google offices. This is a Google dog dressed up in that shiny fake hair, or what kids use for pom poms. Poor dog.

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