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Analyze how you generate leads and you can increase your bottom line easier and quicker than you might think. Successful businesses have relied on outside lead generation for millennia, dating back to the Silk Road and beyond. Do not be hard headed and think that one method will provide all lead generation for your business forever. Use multiple outlets, affiliates, and internet based properties to extend your lead generation far into the future.

The process of building a website is not as easy as people assume. The array of choices to create and build websites on the internet today is truly staggering. It comes as no surprise that with so many choices, suckers traps like and similar services have begun to pop up all over the internet. Unfortunately, we have had to help multiple customers realize the dangers involved with companies like these because they did not understand the concept of a website as a whole. A website is a combination of multiple assets to present information in a desired format. When you use a service such as, you are giving up your rights to multiple assets involved with your website. This can be harrowing for a business owner to learn after operating minimally for years. An apt comparison would be someone renovating, reconstructing, and modifying their home, only to find out they aren’t the owners and can’t sell the property for any return. This is the situation Wix website owners find themselves.

Web Design and Search Engine Optimization(SEO) are not the same thing, but consider SEO Web Design a single thing. They are two parts that work on top of each other to propel one website over others in search engine rankings. A million dollar website may have little to no presence if the SEO has never been approached, or completed properly. Likewise, a million dollar SEO job may have little to no effect on a website that is impractical or non functioning. Make sure to understand this when approaching any website because one without the other is like a car without gas.