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SEO Web Design / SEO  / Advertisers can now bring their customer segments into Microsoft Advertising via a new integration

Advertisers can now bring their customer segments into Microsoft Advertising via a new integration

A new integration between Dynamics 365, Microsoft’s customer data platform, and Microsoft Advertising is now available, the company announced[1] Tuesday at its Microsoft Business Applications Summit. The integration enables advertisers to use their customer segments from Dynamics 365 Customer Insights to reach users in the Microsoft Search Network and Microsoft Audience Network via customer match targeting.

Customer match is now available in more markets. Alongside the announcement of the new integration, Microsoft also revealed that customer match is now available in all markets except for the EU, UK and China.

Microsoft Advertising’s customer match feature has been available via its pilot program[2] here in the U.S. and in open beta in markets around the globe for some time; but if you weren’t in the original pilot or open beta, you can now access it.

How it works. Customer segments are first created within Dynamics 365 Customer Insights. After the connection between Microsoft Advertising and Dynamics 365 Customer Insights is configured, customer segments will appear in Microsoft Advertising’s Audience page, along with all your other segments.

Why we care. This new integration can facilitate audience segmentation and targeting for advertisers on Microsoft’s platforms.

As the industry transitions away from third-party cookies, many advertisers (and the agencies that work with them) have been proactive about finding alternative ways to reach audiences. This may be even more important now that it seems like Chrome will be the only browser to support FLoC, Google’s proposal to replace third-party cookies[3], and because the proposal has faced increased scrutiny by regulators[4] in several EU countries. First-party data is one way to ensure that you can get your message to customers regardless of what may happen as we move on from third-party cookies, and customer match is a convenient way to target those audiences.

RELATED: Instant match rates are now available for Customer Match lists in Google Ads[5]

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